Bradford Players

The Website The client had asked for a website that showcases their previous and upcoming performances with a way for customers to reach out to them to buy tickets or just ask questions. The website was designed to be atmospheric like the theatres that they perform in using a darkened version of their logo colours. […]

Finance Bristol

The Website This website was designed as a rank-and-rent website but has my favourite design choices in it. It is designed to be a blog website for a financial advisor. Anyone who is looking for a financial advisor on this website gets referred elsewhere. This website was designed to be sleek and modern with a […]

Wivey Cares

The Website The client asked me for a website that explains their cause and what they do as a charity, as someone who lives very close to this charity and sees their impact on people’s lives daily I was more than happy to develop their website.  The website was designed with ease of use and […]

North Street Garden Shop

The Website The client asked for an e-commerce solution that would also link to their physical store and also be a way for them to manage their inventory. Now they have a new complete system for the shop and click-and-collect capability which has streamlined every part of their business. This is a family business that […]

Victoria Roof Restorations

The Website When I took this job the client was moving countries from England to Australia and needed a page for a business he was going to start when he had finished moving.  They had asked for a green and grey colour scheme. which I incorporated into the header and the background.  Each page has […]